Hello, my name is Jessica, & nothing in my mind is relevant. I say what I want on here & on here only.

Sometimes I look at things that make me mad for the sole purpose of being mad because well I don’t know why. Maybe I’m not meant to ever be happy. 



Is anyone else weirdly self-conscious about wiper blade speed? Like, I’m always afraid that I’ll have them set too fast for the amount of rain happening, and people will look at me and judge me like “lol omg bitch be tryin 2 hard”

#I also look at the other cars to determine appropriate wiper speed

Anonymous asked: Enter your email, claim a ps4 @ tumblernews(.)com/?post/452

I was so excited to get some mail and it was just this. :( 


gaining followers at the speed of something really slow


  • me: skips tutorial
  • me: how the fuck do you play this game